Message from Janet.

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” That’s how John Keats described autumn. I would have said something about colour because for me the colours of autumn are beautiful and this is my favourite season in many ways. I’m a knitter and knitting is uncomfortable when it’s hot, spring weather is too unpredictable and I hate being cold all the time so autumn is the season when I am most comfortable.

As the leaves turn and the warmth of the sun fades our thoughts turn to harvest and the preparations for winter. it will be a strange one this year though – no harvest festival, no singing of harvest hymns or Sunday School taking over the sermon slot! And it’s very difficult to plan for winter when you don’t really know what’s going to happen next week! With this in mind I have two suggestions to make.

First, be kind to yourself and those around you. It’s not that hard to deal with an upside-down world when you’re sure it’s only for a couple of weeks but, as the COVID-19crisis wears on and on, it can start to feel like we’ll never get our lives back - but we will. We can rely on God and each other to help us through difficult times, keep an eye on your neighbours, friends and families and don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re feeling down. We can do this!

Secondly, count your blessings. I know it’s a cliché but that’s because it works! I can think of worse places to be locked down if it comes to that. We have plenty of food, clean water coming out of our taps, free medical care of the very highest standard and people who want to help us stay safe.

With this in mind, I want us to make October into a whole month of harvest!

 On the 4th of October we can begin by celebrating the bounty of God, this beautiful, plentiful world

God made for us. Let’s think about the things we normally take for granted and, if we can spare it, share the bounty we’ve received with those less fortunate by giving to the food bank.

On the 11th October try thinking about the little things that make us smile and brighten our day. It might be music, poetry, the birds in the garden, if it cheers you up, be thankful. See if you can bring a little happiness to someone else this week.

On the 18th October we can celebrate people – those we know and love and those who are a blessing to others. Pray for a stranger (it doesn’t have to be out loud!) Thank someone for the impact they have made on your life, tell someone how much you love them. Let’s be grateful for all those people who helped make us who we are.

On the 25th October we celebrate Bible Sunday and thank God for the long relationship He has had with us, His people. We have our place in the story, on that we can rely.


Whatever October brings I hope you find ways to cope, lean on God to see you through. I look forward to seeing you either in church this month or, if that doesn’t happen, whenever we can be together again. May God’s blessing stay with you until then.


Harvest 2020

October is a month of giving to others who have less than ourselves. Donations will be given to The Booth Centre and Rochdale Foodbank. Please give what you can each week.

Special notes: please ensure food items are not passed their expiry date. Popular items include; cereals, pasta, sauces, tinned veg, jam, tea, coffee, sugar, tinned and dry goods.

Booth Centre: above + gloves, hats, socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel etc

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