St Thomas Newsletter – June 2022

Message from Janet

Dear Friends,  

 Well that was a warm spell wasn’t it? I think the coolest place in town may have been church, it was certainly pleasant to be in there for a while (even more than usual!).

Now that the schools have finished for the summer many people’s attention is well and truly on their holidays. Not everyone is going away, of course, but most of us can slow down a little bit at some point over the next few weeks. For parents there is the annual challenge of finding things for the children to do and, often, that means extra work for grandparents and friends. I’d love to have some wisdom to offer on this one but all I know is that being bored occasionally can do you good because it encourages you to work out how to occupy yourself – although I do remember thinking “it’s too quiet, what are they up to now?” with a certain amount of trepidation!

Church continues all through the summer of course but I want to encourage you all to say a little prayer each week for those who are away, on holiday or for other reasons. Let’s pray for our young people as they rest after what will have been for some a tough school year. We pray they stay safe and have fun, we pray the same for their families and carers. We pray for all who struggle with hot weather and all who love it.

Most of all, let’s pray that we all find ways to rest and restore ourselves this summer so that we are raring to go when we come to September and the time when we celebrate God’s goodness to us in creation.

I wish you a joyful summer whatever you are up to.

God bless


St Thomas 2021 APCM notes

The 2021 APCM took place after service on Sunday 8 May chaired by Reverend Sydwell Isaac. Annual reports were received and accepted and all who help keep the doors of St Thomas open and welcoming were given thanks.

The following were re-elected to the Parochial Church Council (PCC):

Reverend Janet Pitman Chair

Judith Jones Warden

Tom Parsons Deanery Synod member

Diane Newton Deanery Synod member

Pamela Gardiner Treasurer

Dawn Clarke Secretary

Gillian Taylor

Caroline Power

Electoral Roll – there are 93 persons on the church electoral roll.



God bless




WELCOMERS / SIDESPERSONS – please get in touch

We would like to reinstate some or all of the duties of the Sidesperson, however to do this we need to understand how many people are still available. If you were a registered Sidesperson in 2019 / prior to the Covid pandemic, please contact us and let us know if you are willing or unable to continue.

Please email or contact Judith on mobile: 07795 818047



Pastoral Care

If you would like to talk to a member of the clergy, please use the contact details below

Please contact Janet:-  Tel: 01706 594284

Email: (fri day off)


 Sydwell   Isaac :- (Mon day off)


Get Involved :- If you have an article or story you would like to share with your friends at St Thomas please get in touch. Please email your article, story, photos to :-